Accessing and Using Institutional Data

The Office of Assessment supports UI department efforts to assess their programs by examining how they affect student learning and success. We consult with departments on the design of strategies for collecting assessment data, and also help them identify and access available data that is relevant to their assessment questions.

The use of institutional data in decision-making at the University of Iowa is critical to academic planning and assessment. We help departments learn what data are available, in what forms, and how the available data can be used to support academic planning and assessment.

Once data needs are determined, the Office of Assessment can access current and historical campus-wide student data systems and provide departments with reports or summaries of the data they have requested.

Examples of department questions that can be addressed with institutional data include:

  • Program planning and decision support
  • Cohort analyses​
  • Longitudinal analyses​
  • Student enrollment
  • Student engagement 

The Office of Assessment can support department requests for data to assist with accreditation reporting, and also prepare data for specific analyses needed by departments.


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